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Manufacturers of Pesticides and Fertilizers

Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are made from the animal, human and plant wastes. These add nutrients to soils and help plants to grow. They do not have side effects on human beings and exosystem.

Hebal Pesticides

Herbal pesticides are prepared from plants extracts and oils. These do not contain any chen\mical substances. They attack only on the targets and avoid environmental pollution like soil pollution, water pollution etc.

Bio Pesticides

These are derived from animal and plant materials. These totally natural and eco friendly. These are cost effective and substitute for chemical pesticides. No need to mix with any other chemical pesticides for results.


  • All products are made from medicinal herbal extracts and oil.
  • Do not pollute land, soil, water & air.
  • These are non toxic & eco-friendly
  • Cheaper than chemical fertilizers
  • No need to use or mix with chemical pesticides